Peter A Payne DMD
Implant Dentistry and Periodontics
"Coordinating all your dental treatment"
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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Peter A Payne is a recognized leader in periodontology. Since receiving his DMD and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Periodontology from Boston University in 1978, he trained in Implant Dentistry in 1988 and began practicing it in 1989.  He has continued a pursuit of excellence in both fields, searching for the most up to date educational opportunities throughout the country. During this time, Dr. Payne has consistently provided quality, state-of-the-art care in a comfortable atmosphere to patients throughout Southern New England.

Dr. Payne remains on the forefront of implant and periodontic technology. He has distinguished himself from his peers by active course work in the latest advances in the field-including periodontology, implant dentistry, periodontic plastic surgery, endodontic surgery(apicoectomy with retrograde filling and guided bone regeneration at the end of the root), atraumatic extractions to preserve bone, adult orthodontics to reposition teeth for improved esthetics when rehabilitating the mouth and conscious sedation for anxious and frightened patients. Many patients have been especially appreciative of his novel and improved approaches to pain management. Being willing to embrace new technologies is an important aspect of his successful implant and periodontal practice.