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Conscious Sedation Providence, RI

Conscious Sedation Providence, RI

Afraid of the dentist? Then this is the right office for you. We offer safe, efficient care without the fear and anxiety that many patients experience when going to the dentist. Dr. Payne is a qualified sedation dentist. He and his staff began their training in 2000 and continue to update their knowledge regularly. 

The sedation instructions are as follows:

You are given medication (2 pills) and directions before your appointment from a staff member. One tablet is to be taken the night before your scheduled visit, and the second pill is to be taken one hour prior to your appointment. You must have a ride to and from your appointment! Once you arrive, you will be seated with a warm blanket, and your vitals will be monitored. Additional medication will be given as needed. You will always be able to respond to commands, even while asleep, as this is conscious sedation and not general anesthesia. This will provide a safe and restful visit, one that you will be so happy you decided on. Your fear of the dentist will be a thing of the past.

Call us at (401) 273-6161 or schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist at our dental office in Providence, RI. We'll be happy to guide you further.

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