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Dr. Payne was trained during his advanced specialty periodontal program in adult orthodontics. His knowledge and training has grown as new techniques have been developed and supported by the dental research literature.

  1. Extrusion (move the tooth toward the opposing tooth) is used to bring a broken or decayed tooth with the bone and gum tissue further into your mouth. The gum and bone can be moved (crown lengthening) to expose the tooth for restoration without creating a dark space on either side of the new crown. This is especially important when a tooth and surrounding gum show when you smile or laugh.
  2. Accelerated Orthodontics  

                a) Stimulation of the supporting bone with minimally invasive procedures can reduce treatment time with fixed appliances(conventional braces) or clear aligners by 1/3 to ½ the time

               b) When there is an insufficient bone thickness to keep the tooth root within the supporting bone during movement, there is a procedure to move the bone with the tooth and/or augment the bone with minimally invasive procedures

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